Aligning Your GTM w/ Frank Cespedes PhD
A mismatch lies between the way technology companies sell and what customers require to pull off digital transformation.
The Power of Design Thinking in the Era of Digit...
A mismatch lies between the way technology companies sell and what customers require to pull off digital transformation.
Revenue Growth in the Downturn: Bulletproof your...
If you find yourself at a tough crossroads in 2022 and need new lead sources at a reasonable CAC, get this blueprint.
Expanding your Global GTM
Zach Selch who just hopped a flight from Caracas to Tokyo on a business dinner with you to improve your international revenue through innovative global GTM.
The big question
Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

2022 will be the “year of the sales manager.”

As we move into 2022, we face new and ag...

Sean Sheppard

Managing Partner at U+

Long-form content is the most successful emerging channel.

Are you building a solid GTM fo...

Jeremey Donovan

SVP Revenue Strategy at SalesLoft

Get comfortable with augmented intelligence.

I demure when I’m asked to make predictions...

Oren Klaff

Managing Director at Intersection Capital

Conversations are becoming a lost art.

I’m tracking three main trends that have to do wi...

Anthony Iannarino

CEO at Iannarino

To predict the future, look backward.

Perennial. You plant the flowers; next year, they co...

Brynne Tillman

CEO at Social Sales Link

Cold calling will be real-time, video-enabled now.

The first trend is ‘instant video mes...

Kevin Dorsey

VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop Inc.

PLG is the new ABM.

The four top trends for 2022 are PLG, increased sales compensation, de...

David Brock

Founder/CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE

I confess to having mixed feelings about forecasting the GTM priorities for 2022. Often, I feel l...

Doug Landis

Growth Partner at Emergence Capital

Data science as a service is a real thing.
We are also placing a big bet on “functional c...

Nancy Maluso

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

This is FINALLY the year of managers as coaches.

B2B go-to-market efforts in 2022 will hav...

Jake Dunlap

CEO at Skaled Consulting

We have to move marketing to be KPI’d on revenue.

“Outbound” is going to hit a wall ...

Howard Dover

Director, Center for Professional Sales and Sales Coach at University of Texas at Dallas

More companies move into the collegiate hiring market

1. As in late 2020, we will return t...