Introducing the Next Generation of Conversational Intelligence and AI-Assistance for C-Level Executives


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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

– Peter F. Drucker

As a CRO, it is crucial to have complete visibility into the daily activities of sales representatives and ensure that the sales process is followed accurately. What if a technology could listen to sales calls and analyze the data to automatically update your CRM with relevant information, evaluate the sales process against MEDDIC or SPICED, and identify any missing information?

This is precisely what offers, providing senior revenue leaders with a powerful tool to drive top-line growth with greater visibility into the sales process than ever before, thanks to AI. You’re not just listening and analyzing. The system is taking proactive action for you.

Let’s explore this technology in greater depth to understand how it can benefit revenue leaders.

Automatically filling out your CRM

Sales reps manually updating CRM is a thing of the past.

Ensuring that the data within the system is accurate and up-to-date is a significant challenge.

According to SalesIntel, around 10-25% of CRM records contain critical data errors. Sales representatives are overburdened with their responsibilities and often need more time manually updating the system with new information.

Attention, an automated data management tool, can assist by seamlessly integrating relevant data from emails, key metrics, next steps, and more into your Salesforce system with a single click. This saves valuable time and ensures that your reps’ data is always precise and current. There are many positive downstream impacts like accurate forecasting, better weekly 1:1 syncs, and more potent intel for deal strategy to help your frontline managers and account executives move deals down the funnel.


Diagnose why you’re losing deals.

Generalized Insights is a unique sales analysis product that uses AI to understand patterns and trends across your entire collection of conversations. Quickly identify why you’re losing deals, as it analyzes all your team’s customer touchpoints and identifies improvement areas. It also helps understand what your top performers are doing so you can start replicating them across the rest of the team. Your product team can also quickly rank customer requests by frequency and maintain your product-market-fit:





Win more deals.

Sales managers struggle to coach each sales rep effectively because of limited bandwidth and the inability to be present for every deal, leading to lost opportunities.

Attention’s AI Coaching Scorecards address this by offering automated coaching based on your frameworks and definition of good and bad. And over time, sales managers can see where reps fall short and what contributes to higher win rates.



All in all, is the next generation of conversational intelligence and AI sales assistance. Senior revenue leaders can leverage this powerful tool to gain an edge and competitive advantage over competitors utilizing standard call recording 1.0. If you’d like to learn more, reach out.


Draft intelligent follow-up emails.

Another problem for most sales reps is following up with their prospect with a message that resonates with their challenges.

Attention’s AI assistant offers a personalized approach to drafting follow-up emails for each opportunity. The assistant utilizes the prospect’s information from the conversation to generate emails tailored to their interests and preferences.


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