GTM metrics and mindsets

In the last few years, we’ve gradually begun transitioning into the “Dark Ages” of GTM strategies. It’s a problem that’s growing increasingly complex, and no amount of artificial intelligence (no matter how innovative) will solve the problem.
As a CRO, it is crucial to have complete visibility into the daily activities of sales representatives and ensure that the sales process is followed accurately. What if a technology could listen to sales calls and analyze the data to automatically update your CRM with relevant information, evaluate the sales process against MEDDIC or SPICED, and identify any missing information?
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Journey to the not-too-distant future of AI for sales and learn what you can do now to prepare your GTM.
Companies are struggling to make balanced decisions, creating a serious lapse in how we utilize the information we have.
Frank Cespedes is the leading voice at Harvard on Sales & Strategy alignment so it’s a real treat to get his candid take on RevOps and GTM in this interview.
A mismatch lies between the way technology companies sell and what customers require to pull off digital transformation.
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