GTM metrics and mindsets

If you find yourself at a tough crossroads in 2022 and need new lead sources at a reasonable CAC, get this blueprint.
Zach Selch who just hopped a flight from Caracas to Tokyo on a business dinner with you to improve your international revenue through innovative global GTM.
A no-nonsense formula for revenue omnipotence written for CROs. Aka, the fastest path to profitability in the shortest period of time.
Raising your team’s TQ will shatter all expectations of revenue output, efficiency, and at the end of the day - what’s more customer-centric than tripling your customer base and getting to net negative churn?
While the industry constantly changes around us, one thing will never change: All sales are human to human.
Enablement is not putting out fires and waiting until the field tells you it needs something. It requires thinking like a CEO, focusing on scale and continuous improvement.
Siloed CXOs must learn to work as a collective unit, a new term coined by Deloitte as the “Symphonic C-Suite.”
“Innovation,” Jobs said, “is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat."
Buyer Acumen is the Best GTM Foundation
If you get Buyer Acumen right, everything else that follows will work better, run more smoothly, and be more effective.
Confessions of a RevOps Hitman
How the hell were we all convinced that it's a no-brainer to target, market, and sell to tens of thousands, if not millions, of people who aren't a fit and have no intent to buy whatsoever?