Disruption and transformation are here to stay. Global Innovator, Mary Shea, helps us harmonize the cognitive dissonance of the remote sales age.
Silver Lining’s Playbook of Social Selling
If you are in sales, your primary goal of LinkedIn for Social Selling should be converting your connections to conversations.
Buzzword Bingo: 1B Copies Sold
We bombard the average Jane with between 6-10K ads. Every. Single. Day. We, marketers, have inoculated our audiences against our potent ideas.
2.5 trillion. The most valuable company globally acknowledges 96% of their deals have multiple people in the room who they don’t report to but could hire and fire them. All they can do is enable them to the point where they say slightly ‘nicer’ things about Microsoft than they do AWS or Google.
Most startups I have observed are 'a solution looking for a problem.' Statistically, only 13% of the people who look at it will want to buy it. Only 13% of us are early adopters. How will you ‘sell to the bell?’